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ArcSystem is a range of Modular LED lighting and control products specifically designed for auditorium and arena spaces using wired DMX or wireless ArcMesh protocol. The use of ArcMesh, a GDS developed wireless control system, allows you to retrofit ArcSystem lighting fixtures without the need to rewire your auditorium. 

The ArcSystem Decor and Pro comes in a range of options for both recessed or surface mount, single cell to multi-cell including 1, 2, 4 and 8 cells, including track lights. The optics are available in a range of beam angles, with light outputs from 700-15000lm, 90+ CRI (at 2700 cct) .

Using high efficiency LED's and low glare optics, GDS ArcSystem is able to produce outstanding light quality perfectly controlled for your venue requirements.

All ArcSystem components are convection cooled and run silently with no moving parts to fail or get clogged up with dust. In addition, ArcSystem has mains sense fail options in all fittings and drivers for emergency lighting applications.